Brunette to Blonde at Home (Budget-Friendly)

I’ve always been a brunette, and over the years, I’ve pretty much explored the entire spectrum that brown hair has to offer. My hair has been dark brown, light brown, reddish brown, blackish brown, long, short, straight, curly, highlighted, ombred, balayaged, and all of the purplish, copperish, carmelish (even brassy) colors in between. The color brown had been fully expressed and well, I got bored.

So I went blonde (and I filmed it!) Here’s how I did it: Continue reading

Drugstore Beauty Buys

Despite being more than ready for summer to arrive, my makeup and skincare collections were looking verrryy wintery. What happened to my golden bronzers, coral blushes, and  light, breathable moisturizers?

Oh that’s right. They were abandoned and replaced with the cool-toned grey shadows, wine colored lipsticks, and thick moisturizers required of a months-long freezing winter!

Obviously,  the frustration of not having summer appropriate products was short-lived as I quickly realized this was a “problem” that could easily be fixed by simply shopping. *heavens open*angels sing*happy dance ensues*

With only a few new items, my morning routine is updated and feels fresh. Le sigh. I do love summer.

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