Boho Style for Everyday Life + GIVEAWAY

Festival fashion has never been more mainstream. From Instagram to Pintrest, crocheted bikini tops, flower headbands, and gold tribal tattoos are everywhere. And while I am all about sartorial self-expression, Boho-Chic can be hard to pull off outside the ever-lovin-hills of Indio Valley.

Which is why I shared a few wearable festival inspired trends in this video:

But nail art, simple flower headbands, and ombre eye lashes are just a few of my favorite ways to incorporate Coachella style into my every day routine.

Others include mimicking that gorgeous festival glow with a DIY spray tan. I use L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist (<—Holy loooong name, Batman!)  in the color Deep Natural Tan. The aerosol top makes application a breeze and prevents streaking.

Click the pic to find online!
Click the pic to find online!

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To Nail Art or Not to Nail Art, is That Even a Question?


I used to hate nail art.

Actually, hate is a strong word. I used to be nail art indifferent.

I knew it existed–sometimes I thought it was cute, sometimes I thought it was tacky–but that was as far as it went. I hardly had time to paint my nails, let alone fuss over a design. 


Nail art not only seemed tedious and time consuming, but it required a certain amount of skill that I simply did not have. I have a hard time painting my nails without getting polish everywhere, so intricate snowflakes– or fireworks or whatever it is that people paint on their nails– were completely out of the question.

But all of that changed when I found this Revlon polish. It’s called Copper Penny, but it looks more like a gold foil (like the kind they put on fancy chocolate.) I saw it next to a pretty, coral pink polish and was overcome with an acute and powerful NEED for nail art. “Must. nail. art. now. nail. art. please. art. my. nails!!!!” (Looking back, I wonder if maybe maybe the fumes from the polish may have influenced this thought process…)

instagramableNevertheless, I attempted an easy, two-toned design on my nails later that night and just like that, I was hooked. It occurred to me then that there are two types of people in this world, those who nail art and those who do not nail art. For now, it seems, I am the latter.

Although I used to be concerned that I did not have time for frivolous activities like painting shapes on my nails, I now see holes in my schedule perfectly suited for creating a new, exciting designs (Like 2 am on a Sunday night! Perfect time to paint my nails, right?! #sarcasm) In the last two weeks, I’ve painted and re-painted my nails 3 times, and though I am not proud of that number, I am VERY proud of these designs. Continue reading

Autumn in Los Angeles

Rings H&M / Sweater H&M/ The watch was $10 from a costume jewelry store. Forever21 has similar styles / Nails OPI ‘Midnight in Moscow’

There is nothing better than the beginning of Fall. The air becomes crisp and fresh, the sky is a bit more whimsical and grey, and the world seems to be buzzing with new beginnings. The leaves change, cozy oversized sweaters get pulled out from the back of the closet and the prospect of good food, family gatherings and the holidays seem just around the corner. Continue reading

Pretty Polished Summer


Summer nail colors should be bright, fun and colorful! This is not the time for sweet pastels or vampy, dark polishes. There’s just something so wonderful about dipping your pink polished toes into the ocean or complimenting your newly acquired tan with a crisp, white manicure.




Essie’s Blanc is a vibrant, true white that goes perfectly with a tan and a cute summer sandal. I love this color because it’s summery and bright but it also looks very clean and polished ~ pun intended 😉 ~ This Essie polish is also great because unlike a lot of white polishes, it’s not streaky. Two coats and a thick glossy top coat and you’re sweet, summertime perfection.




A lot of us have to work during the summer (LAME) and it can be very, very depressing to be stuck inside all day but do not fret my darlings, I have a solution! Try this Sinful Colors polish in Island Coral. It’s a fun, happy color but in a way that is more toned down than many of summer’s neon brights so it’s perfect for the office (or you know, the BEACH). It’s peachy pink color is a fun way to celebrate the season without being too over the top and if that doesn’t make you happy, the fact that it’s only $1.99 at drugstores will.


Now this is my favorite summer color- bright, happy pink! I’m usually not much of a pink girl but there’s just something about a vibrant pink manicure in the summer that makes me so happy. This one by Spoiled (available at CVS) is also a steal at just $1.99 and is a festive accompaniment to a summer pool party, outdoor BBQ or a long lunch with friends. (I also really love the name of this color “Tip Your Waitress”)

What are your favorite summer nail colors? Let me know in the comments below!

And check out my YouTube channel, MissVranHalen for my Sweat Proof Summer makeup look and my best summer vacation packing tips.