5 Tips for Decorating Small Spaces


~ My teeny tiny Hollywood Studio ~


1. Use Vertical Space

I think forgetting to utilize vertical space is the number one reason small spaces tend to look cramped and cluttered. Some examples of this theory include: The kitchen. Pots and pans can be hung on the wall for an industrial chic look. Or, Ikea makes kitchen wall racks that can house everything from spices to dish soap and spare towels in a way that can look stylish while still being functional. Under the sink in the bathroom is another area that benefits greatly from this rule. Double tiered storage racks can be found in stores like Ross, Ikea and Target and are a great way to keep things organized and also visually appealing. The living room. A vertical shelving unit, like this one from Ross, is a cute way to store items with out taking up a lot of space.

2. Use Prettier Storage Containers

Replace ugly plastic storage containers with pretty baskets. In a tight space, there is not a lot of room to hide ugly storage containers so if they must be out for all to see, they might as well be part of the decor. I use baskets all throughout my apartment to store everything from candles and books, to my blow drier. Tuck pretty baskets away on bookshelves and no one will know they’re doing double duty (and please people, take advantage of all of the pretty AND AFFORDABLE baskets that can be found at places like Marshalls and HomeGoods, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a basket).

3. Paint

A lot of people shy away from dark colors in a small room but it can often make the space feel warm and cozy. White walls can feel sterile so instead, choose a deep shade for the walls and accessorize with lighter furniture and accents that tie the light and the dark together. In the first picture above you can see my walls are a deep blue-grey and the couch is cream colored. I used throw pillows that accent the grey tones in the walls and the earth tones in the floor and surrounding furniture to tie the whole look together. Don’t forget that you don’t have to paint all of the walls the same color. I have one dark accent wall and the others are a lighter grey.

4. Every Piece Of Furniture Should Be Multi-functional

In a small space, storage is key and there is no room for gratuitous furniture. Every piece must have some sort of storage. For example, the TV stand should have drawers and/or shelving. The coffee table is also a good place to sneak in some extra storage space as many come with a second tier or a compartment inside. Even your bed can be utilized as a place for storage. Places like the Container Store and Walmart have rollaway containers for out of season items like bulky sweaters and winter boots that easily fit under the bed, leaving you with more room in your closet.

5. Use The Right Light

Light is so important, especially when it comes to creating a homey feel. Small rooms or apartments can feel stuffy and cramped but soft, cozy lighting can make all the difference.  Sheer curtains that allow some sunlight to show through make for a peaceful space during the day. At night time, opt for table lamps and candles to create a warmer, more inviting glow to the room. Overhead lights tend to be harsh and can give a sort of static feeling to a room. Dim lamp and candle light also help create a relaxing space for you to unwind after a long day.

What are some of your tips for decorating a small space? Let me know in the comments below.