The 5 Best Things I Ate in Capri, Italy ~ ALL VEGAN ~

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DSC07290The term “Foodie” may be fairly new, but I can honestly say that I’ve been one since birth. I learned to make scrambled eggs at the age of four (I wasn’t vegan then, obviously) because I didn’t like eggs that were even slightly overcooked. Soft scrambled eggs became my specialty, and my love of cooking only grew from there. At twelve I went to Costco with my mom and found four beautiful hard cover cookbooks detailing the cuisines of Italy, Greece, Spain, and France. Each featured beautiful photography of both the food and the cities it originated from and provided historical context about the various regions, cultures, and traditions behind the dishes. Over time, I collected all four and read them cover to cover. I now have many memories of rainy afternoons spent surrounded by my cookbooks, dog-earing pages and though I didn’t know it then, dreaming up a pretty adventurous food and travel bucket list.

Which is why visiting Capri was so special. There were so many moments, and meals really, that I wished I could phone my twelve year old self sitting in Florida dreaming of Napoli-style pizza or real Italian olive oil, and tell her it’s just as good as she’d hoped.

Here’s the run down of the 5 best things I ate in Capri:

5. Vegan Pizza at Da Isidoro 


I had this beautiful veggie pizza at the rehearsal dinner for my best friend’s wedding. It was a traditional Napoli-style pizza crust (crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside) topped with roasted peppers, eggplant, zucchini, and spinach. It may be simple, but this pizza and a glass of good Italian red wine was truly delizioso! 

4. Green Olives at Rendezvous at Grand Hotel Quisisana


I’m not usually an olive person, especially not green olives. I think of them and think “meh”…there’s usually a shoulder shrug that follows…but these were nothing like the olives I’ve had in the past. Not too salty, not too oily, just incredibly fresh. I could have eaten the entire bowl…in fact, I may have.

3. My Clever Breakfast Buffet-ing at the Grand Hotel Quisisanna


We stayed at an incredibly beautiful hotel, which hosts a lovely breakfast every morning in the sunroom overlooking the pool. It’s a truly decadent way to start the day. The buffet offers fresh fruit, juices, breads, and roasted veggies. Pots of great coffee arrive at your table on silver trays along with a copy of the New York Times. It’s fantastic. I’ve always loved long breakfasts spent reading the paper and sipping coffee, so this was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

As great as the buffet is, it is mostly centered around eggs, bacon, cheese, and smoked salmon. So in an attempt to make the most of my breakfast experience, I brought my own instant oatmeal. It’s a go-to vegan travel tip of mine that really comes in handy when traveling abroad. I know it feels a bit odd, but the hotel was fine with it and kindly brought me a pot of hot water for my oats every morning. From the buffet I added bananas, fresh berries, walnuts, and raisins and it made for an incredibly filling breakfast (especially since I usually paired it with a bowl of fresh melon and a glass of juice) which gave me lots of energy to explore Capri.

2. Veggie Pasta at Al Capri


This was our last meal in Capri, but let me tell you, we went out with a bang. Al Capri is a  beautiful restaurant that overlooks gigantic cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea, so after a long day of sailing around the island, we got a cozy table by the window and indulged in this spicy veggie pasta.

It’s not on the menu, but I asked the waiter to make me spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce and vegetables and this arrived at our table a few minutes later. Part of what makes the pasta so great in Italy is that they really understand the importance of al dente. Turns out, I’ve been overcooking spaghetti for years, but never again after realizing the satisfaction that comes from biting into a perfectly cooked fork-full of spaghetti. This one was a little too spicy, but to be fair I asked for it “spiiiicy,” so that’s what I got. It was still delicious and really, the perfect way to end our stay in Capri.

1.Brocoli Spaghetti at Rendevous at Grand Hotel Quisisana


This may not look special (or terribly large…) but it.was.epic. I asked the server to vegan-ize the dish for me by omitting the dairy that usually comes in the sauce, and out came this glorious bowl of goodness. Broccoli, good olive oil, and I imagine a lot of garlic, created a sauce that coated each noodle in the same way pesto does. It was lemony, with a good amount of herbs, sea salt, and black pepper. Again, the pasta was cooked to al dente perfection and though the flavors were simple, it was so decadent.

For more of my trip to Italy, watch the travel vlog below and stay tuned to this blog for more vegan in Italy travel tips and pictures of my adventure in Rome!


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