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“When you learn, teach. At our best, we are all teachers.” – Maya Angelou

When I started MissVranHalen, I envisioned it as a place of idea sharing. I am the oldest sister and because of that, I had to learn the hard way that eyebrows should NOT be waxed in a straight line and that boys don’t like it when you put a bunch of love notes – completely covered with pink hearts – in their locker and then run away (true story. sigh.) I could have used a bit of big-sisterly advice back then and that’s what I want my channel and blog to be. A place where I can share what I’ve learned–through trial and a lot of error–about makeup and fashion and how to apply it to your REAL life.

Aside from beauty, I’m infinitely captivated by the little things in life that make each day special. My life is about appreciating and cultivating those little moments, so this blog will include things that I find inspiring, uplighting, and helpful.

I promise that every product I recommend is something I actually use. Recipes are tested and advice is heartfelt. My intention is simply to share the things I know and love, but as I mentioned, I wanted to create a space for idea SHARING so please comment below these posts and tell me what you think and share your story!

I would love to know if you try out any of the makeup looks or recipes and please send me your questions and comments because I love hearing from you guys!

**Author’s Note: This blog is best enjoyed with a warm cup of coffee and fuzzy socks….FACT.

For business inquires or video/blog requests, email MissVranHalen@gmail.com

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