Drooling Over This DC Travel Guide


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Me and Shauna, post photoshoot in LA

My friend Shauna Faulisi, the Health Coach, Blogger, and brains behind SoulWellnessMethod.com,  is one of those fascinating creatures who always seems to be doing something cool.

From traveling to all kinds of fabulous places, to taking the latest, hippest yoga classes, or reading up on an impressive array of topics from health and wellness to business and entrepreneurialism, she’s always doing and she does it all with a passion for learning and living that is incredibly inspiring (…and like, super fun to follow on SnapChat #justsayin)

She recently published a great blog post — an in-depth DC travel guide complete with coffee, dinning, workout, and sight-seeing recommendations– that is an absolute must-read for anyone living in the DC area or simply dreaming about a future trip.

Photo via SoulWellnessMethod.com/blog
Shauna’s Pick for Best Cafe in the City //  Photo via SoulWellnessMethod.com/blog
Photo via SoulWellnessMethod.com/blog
The Best Veggie Tacos in DC // Photo via SoulWellnessMethod.com/blog

Full Article Here: SWM Guide to DC //Experience 

I hope you find SWM helpful! I wanted to share it with you because I think it’s important to connect with like-minded people who inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. I can say from personal experience that Shauna inspires me and my hope is that you’ll check out her website and find support, ideas, and motivation from my wonderful, fascinating friend.

  • Soulwellnessmethod.com
  • Instagram.com/SoulWellnessMethod
  • Snapchat: soulwellnessmtd

Who are the bloggers that are inspiring you right now? Let me know so I can check them out!

Love and Light,

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