3 thoughts on “26 Things That Happened at 26

  1. First off, Happy Birthday! It’s a great a idea to list 26 things that happened at 26. Really unique. Aw! It’s so exciting to be in your mid-twenties. Around my mid-twenties, I finally started to gain more confidence in myself, for sure. I love my thirties; you seriously start to not give a **** about what anyone thinks anymore.. lol. I can relate to you on so many levels, let me tell ya! You’ve got a great outlook on wrinkles. One thing to remember, too, at least from what I’ve discovered; less is truly more when it comes to wrinkles and makeup. I, too, used to feel bare if, when I wore makeup, I didn’t wear a full face (totally same as you. I either wore all of it or nothing); however, with fine lines starting to appear around my eyes concealer is almost a no-no for me. It doesn’t matter if I “bake” it, “cake” it, or just try really hard to minimize it; concealer sucks. Now I wear a little powder and some foundation on my lips (to neutralize their color) and on my eyes as a primer for shadow and that’s about it. My husband loves a little makeup; minimal dark shadow, a little blush, lipstick, and mascara and to him I’m beautiful. So, you know, it works. Also, totally get the dressing for your body type. It has taken me years to sort of figure this one out. I’ve finally come to terms with my pear-ish shape. I’m small, but it’s still my shape. 🙂 I get the energy from wind thing, too. I’ve practiced a little yoga, just at home. I’ve done some of the stretches and such. I have not studied its philosophy, yet, so I am not familiar with how wind and energy relate philosophically with yoga. I know, for me, I love how the wind feels. I grew up in Southern California where we would get these Santa Ana winds and I loved it when they would come. Where I live now, we get very strong storm winds and I love the feeling of the wind on my face and in my hair; there is something incredible peaceful and rejuvenating in it, even in a storm. When I was a teenager I rode on the back of my dad’s Harley a few times, and my most favorite part of being on the back of his motorcycle was the wind in my face. It was awesome. (However, I stopped riding on the back of his bike after I realized how dangerous it was. :/ )
    I also think it’s great that you are understanding how depression works in your life. One way, I think, that helps us through depression is understanding what it is that brings us there and how we react to it. It’s honestly coming to terms with it in a very transparent way. Figuring out what makes it tic and how to control those feelings once they start to creep up.
    Lastly, I can relate to being specific. If being married and having two sons has taught me anything, it’s to be very, very specific. If there is one thing that will drive my husband nuts, it’s when I am being too generalized or vague about something. lol. This is a skill that will benefit you in so, so many ways, indeed!
    Anyway, very nice video; I enjoyed it very much and hope your birthday was wonderful!
    ~Sincerely, Cori


    1. I loved reading this comment! We seem to have a lot in common! Great advice about the concealer! I can already tell it will be something I use less of since it has a tendency to settle in fine lines. Powders too! My aunt says she stopped wearing powder a long time ago and feels it keeps her looking much more youthful. It’s nice that your husband loves the way you look without makeup! So sweet 🙂 And I’m very happy to hear that you understand what I mean about the wind! Wasn’t sure if people would find it strange lol You’re so right it’s incredibly peaceful and rejuvenating! I’ve been on the back of motorcycle a few times and the wind on your face and through your hair is just the best feeling ever. I grew up riding horses and there were times we ride bareback. The feeling of the wind was similar and so exciting to me as kid. Anyway, hope you’re having a nice weekend! Thank you again for your support and always leaving me such interesting and encouraging comments! It means the world! xo Nicole


  2. You are very welcome. Thank you for all of your wonderful videos and posts! 🙂 Yep, I agree with your aunt. I was also going to add, before, but I forgot; I agree with your view on skin care. I use witch hazel, aloe vera, and Eucerin Calming Lotion everyday on my face and it’s the best and most simplistic method for keeping my skin healthy and glowing. Sometimes too much is just too much, you know. I, also, think it’s great you rode horseback when you were young. I’ve only ridden once or twice in my life. It was a lot of fun, but I would panic if the horse picked up speed. lol, I’m such a chicken. My dad’s bike wasn’t so scary because his was a touring Harley, which are quite large and padded around the sides. Take Care! and Hope you have a great week! 🙂


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