A Rosey OOTD for a Rosier Outlook

This summer marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I’d just made the difficult decision to leave NYC to spend the summer with family in Florida before moving back to Los Angeles in the Fall. While the decision to leave the city wasn’t easy, everything that followed was. I felt like I’d been given an opportunity for a fresh start and decided that I needed to dress accordingly.

During my last few months in New York, I kind of stopped putting effort into my “everyday look” (Granted I was very cold, so it was hard to want to wear anything but a million sweaters and thick wool socks!) But shortly after arriving in Florida, I realized that dressing like a slob, really made me feel like a slob and I decided that it was a cycle (and terrible feeling!) I could easily fix by putting a bit more effort into my look everyday, and not just for special events or a night out with friends.

| Sundress: Forever21 | Hat: Forever21 | Bag: Forever21 | Sunnies: Quay Australia |Shoes: DSW |

I don’t always feel like putting myself together just to run errands or on a day off, but I have been trying to at least wash my face, do something with my hair–even if it’s a braid or plopping on a big hat– and putting on an actual outfit. It honestly energizes me and gives me the motivation I need to make each day more productive. It’s such a small change, but taking the time to dress for my life really does make me feel like I’m living my life and not just passing time until the day is done.

If you’re feeling depressed or just a bit stuck, try this for one week: Wake up a tad earlier and put yourself together. It doesn’t have to be full hair and makeup everyday, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but you do have to wear actual pants, throw on a pair of earrings (or an accessory of your choice, duh), and enough makeup to make you look and feel alive enough to conquer whatever your day may bring. I can say from experience that it really does make a difference and I’d love to hear how this week goes for you, so comment below when you’re done!

If you try this week-long challenge, upload a pic of your outfit with the #MVHgoals so I can see 🙂

For more on why I left New York, watch this video.

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