DIY Bridal Shower Details, Decor, and Recipes

My beautiful friend Kayla is getting married this Fall! She and I have been friends for over twelve years-which is crazy to think about because I remember the day we met in Biology class like it was yesterday.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 12.58.04 PM

When she asked me to be a bridesmaid I immediately started thinking of ways I could help make her upcoming celebrations extra special because Kayla is one of those people you really want to spoil. She is so not interested in being the center of attention and never wants anyone to feel burdened or pressured to go out of their way for her. She’s genuinely unselfish and considerate of others and if you ask me, people like that deserve to feel EXTRA special and loved.

Last month, we all met in Orlando for her bachelorette party. The plan, as far as Kayla knew, was to drive there together, have a chill night in, and go to Epcot the next day.

Instead, the other bridesmaids and I planned a few surprises for the bride-to-be to make her party a bit more personalized and special. When we arrived, we surprised her with a visit to the spa, which not only helped her relax before a fun-filled weekend, but it also gave us time to set up the hotel room with the various DIY decor and snacks we secretly bought with us.

I shared some of the DIYs like ombre glitter champagne bottles, Oreo cookie pops, and inexpensive room decor ideas in this video.

During that time we also made our matching tank tops to wear at the park the next day by ironing Bridal themed Minnie Mouse ears (found here) onto light-weight tank tops we bought from Target. Kayla’s was ,of course, white and said Bride, and ours were turquoise (the theme color of the party) and said Bridesmaid.

We also set up a beverage station with various cocktail mixers and glasses, including these cute tumblers (found here) to bring to Epcot the next day. My friend customized each one with our names and they turned out so cute! Not going to lie, I still use mine from time to time. IMG_5936



When she got back from the spa we greeted her with a glass of champagne, and customized Minnie Mouse Ears complete with a little veil.


The following day was spent at Epcot, hoping from “country” to “country.” We had lunch in Paris, I (of course) bought chocolate in Norway, and we took a boat ride in Mexico before enjoying the fireworks and the ombre colored lights on the Epcot ball later that evening.

Happy bridey
The three of us have been best friends since middle school and high school ❤
Having a beer in Germany, looking over France (lol)



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