4th of July Entertaining Ideas

Free-Social-Icons-Gbksdj,xray-Tags copy 3Free-Social-Icons-Gray-Tags copyFree-Social-Icons-Gray-TagsFree-Social-Icons-Gray-Tags copy 2 Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.04.06 PMWhen I think of Summer, the first things that come to mind are BBQs, swimming pools, ice cream cones, and long lazy days in the sun. When I think of 4th of July weekend I think of all of those things plus family, friends, and fireworks. All of which make me very happy. I think Fourth of July weekend is about celebrating, relaxing, spending time with loved ones, and eating good food (more stuff I like!) so I’ve come up with a few ideas to make the holiday weekend festive and stress free.


1. Make a special breakfast I highly recommend trying this Cinnamon Swirl French Toast stuffed with orange mascarpone and real maple syrup. It’s easy enough to make on a loungey morning in your pjs but it’s also fancy enough to serve at a holiday weekend brunch with your friends and fam. (recipe video HERE) Since I don’t like overly sweet breakfasts, I didn’t sweeten the filling in this recipe but you can always add 1-2 teaspoons of maple syrup or honey to the mascarpone to sweeten things up. TIP: When making French Toast for a group of people, put the finished toast in a 300 degree oven to keep it warm while you cook the others. That way everything stays warm and everyone can eat together, instead of serving each plate as you make it, leaving you stuck in the kitchen while everyone enjoys their breakfast.

Photo via JustImagine-ddoc.com

2. Serve a festive (and healthy) side dish! Fresh fruit is so refreshing in the morning, especially in summer time. I love this idea I saw on Pintrest for a festive and healthy side to serve with the Cinnamon French Toast. TIP: If you’re having a lot of people over from brunch–or you just don’t want to be bothered with prep in the morning–make these fruit skewers the night before and store in the fridge.

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 1.04.06 PM
(Click the pic to shop the look)

3. Look the Part I don’t like to go too overboard with themed outfits because I don’t like feeling like I’m wearing a costume, but accessorizing with red, white, and blue is an easy way to feel a little extra festive. PS. How cute is that little Diet Coke purse?? LOVE.

Picture via: PinkURock

4. Festive Fingers A Fourth of July mani is also a fun way to accessorize your look. Plus it’s a really fun activity to do with kids. 5. Fun Food Ideas 

Photo via The 36th Avenue
Photo via Life, Love, and Sugar

I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend next weekend and take some time to relax and enjoy America’s birthday! I will be sharing a 4th of July inspired desert recipe in next week’s Foodie Friday video on my YouTube Channel. It’s perfect treat to take to BBQs and potlucks. Link to my channel HERE. Let me know how you’re celebrating by tagging me in an Instagram pic using #missvranhalen 🙂 I love hearing from you guys! Untitledbjkfa l,s Free-Social-Icons-Gbksdj,xray-Tags copy 3Free-Social-Icons-Gray-Tags copyFree-Social-Icons-Gray-TagsFree-Social-Icons-Gray-Tags copy 2

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