Big, Summery Target Haul

I’ve been on the hunt for a few new items to brighten up my wardrobe for summer, and recently hit the jackpot at Target.

PicMonkey Collagennn

I’ve had a hard time picking a favorite new item because I honestly love them all. I rarely buy that many pieces at once–and it’s even more rare that I like this much color!!–so I’m thrilled, and reveling in the fresh, inspired feeling that adding new clothes to your closet brings.

As I mentioned in the video, I tried to find as many links as possible, but they were surprisingly difficult to find (As much as I forever j’adore Target, the website is not the easiest to navigate.) Here’s what I could find:

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Drugstore Beauty Buys

Despite being more than ready for summer to arrive, my makeup and skincare collections were looking verrryy wintery. What happened to my golden bronzers, coral blushes, and  light, breathable moisturizers?

Oh that’s right. They were abandoned and replaced with the cool-toned grey shadows, wine colored lipsticks, and thick moisturizers required of a months-long freezing winter!

Obviously,  the frustration of not having summer appropriate products was short-lived as I quickly realized this was a “problem” that could easily be fixed by simply shopping. *heavens open*angels sing*happy dance ensues*

With only a few new items, my morning routine is updated and feels fresh. Le sigh. I do love summer.

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JustFab Memorial Day SALE

IMG_1071mxAs a college student and freelance writer, I am on a mega budget, so finding a store that offers trendy yet affordable items is awesome turns me into the real life version of the dancing lady emoji.

I first tried–an online store where all of the shoes and purses are $39.99– about two years ago and immediately fell in love.  Though I’d been meaning make a video about the site that has become my favorite place to buy shoes and bags along time ago, I finally posted a review in my most recent #SaturdayStyle video.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 1.55.58 PM
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In my head, I am living in LA, strolling a farmers market  shopping for organic, locally sourced produce with a coffee in hand, and wearing exactly this outfit.

Never mind the fact that in reality I now live roughly 3,000 miles away, a getup like this can almost give me the same wonderful, easy-breezy feeling as a sunny day spent in Cali.

I love floral sundresses like this one because they are so versatile. With a sleek pair of heels and a soft pink lipgloss, it can be very girly, but paired this way–with edgy shades, dark lips, and chunky boots–it becomes something entirely different. Feminine, but with a stylish–very LA–edge, and perfect for a day spent shopping on Melrose or brunching with friends.

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Moving is Hard, Being Kind Isn’t

IMG_0747Last November, my mom told me she was planning on selling the house that my family lived in for nearly 12 years and even though I hadn’t lived there full-time since I was eighteen, my heart sank. I loved that house, and loved knowing that I could come home to it on long weekends and holidays. I’d just moved from LA to New York a few months prior and was nowhere near settled, so the idea of loosing a place that felt like home–familiar and secure– was heartbreaking.

My mom reassured me that a house is just a house, and said her new home would have the same homey feeling. “You come home to be with family” she reminded me “it’s not the about the house.” She was right, but still.

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