WORKOUT Motivation! Cute Gym Clothes + Bag Essentials

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Having something cute to wear to the gym is sometimes the only thing motivating me to exercise after a long day of work. And while it’s always nice to look good, wearing cute workout gear–sans stains, holes, and over-stretched elastic–really effects the way I feel.

If I feel cute while working out, I push myself harder–a few extra squats here, 10 more minutes on the treadmill there–and end each workout feeling confident and accomplished (which, let’s be real, is probably what motivates me to keep doing it!)

~My Go-To Workout Look~

I find that the easiest way to construct the perfect workout outfit is to keep the base of the outfit neutral (which, for me, pretty much always means black) and accessorize with one key color.

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Coordinate your shoe laces, hair ties, and even your water bottle to match the key color, and you will always look incredibly put together without having to spend a ton of time planning a workout outfit.

MVH Tip: When I go for a run in my neighborhood, I usually need to bring my keys, an iPod, and sometimes, a small amount of cash (I’m a just-in-case kind of girl) but running with a gym bag or keys in my hand is uncomfortable, so I opt for a small wallet with a clip or wrist strap for convenience.

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Speaking of gym bags…

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Sometimes just getting to the gym is the hardest part, so I recommend always having a gym bag packed with all of the essentials ready and waiting for you. That way, when it’s time to work out, there are no excuses and nothing slowing you down. Just get dressed, grab your bag, and go!

Gym Bag Essentials:

  • makeup removing wipes
  • face wash
  • oil-free moisturizer with SPF
  • lip balm with SPF
  • sunscreen (I like the spray kind. So convenient!)
  • a small hair brush
  • extra hair ties
  • clean socks
  • iPod + headphones
  • extra tampons, just in case
  • a travel-sized perfume or body splash (Spray a little in your hair, the scent will last longer!)

MVH Tip:  I like to get duplicate products, one for my bathroom and one for my gym bag, that way I’m not carting each item back and forth every time I want to go to the gym. This eliminates the chance I’ll forget something and saves a ton of time!

**Like what you see? You can click each of the pictures in this post to find shopable links on my Polyvore. Target, Forever21, and Marshalls also carry adorable, affordable activewear. How cute is this sports bra from Forever21??

What do you keep in your gym bag? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @MissVranHalen!
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