Boho Style for Everyday Life + GIVEAWAY

Festival fashion has never been more mainstream. From Instagram to Pintrest, crocheted bikini tops, flower headbands, and gold tribal tattoos are everywhere. And while I am all about sartorial self-expression, Boho-Chic can be hard to pull off outside the ever-lovin-hills of Indio Valley.

Which is why I shared a few wearable festival inspired trends in this video:

But nail art, simple flower headbands, and ombre eye lashes are just a few of my favorite ways to incorporate Coachella style into my every day routine.

Others include mimicking that gorgeous festival glow with a DIY spray tan. I use L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist (<—Holy loooong name, Batman!)  in the color Deep Natural Tan. The aerosol top makes application a breeze and prevents streaking.

Click the pic to find online!
Click the pic to find online!

I also LOVE wearing this vibrant, coral-pink lip color from Maybelline. I wore it the entire time I was at Coachella a few years ago–and I do mean the entire time because this stuff lasts and lasts. The color is pigmented, but buildable. I usually wear it bright and bold but it can easily be toned down by dabbing the product on your lips with your finger instead of applying directly from the tube.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 6.40.20 PM
Wearing Shocking Coral  at Coachella with my bestie ❤

Long after the lipstick itself has worn off, the color lingers on your lips making touch-ups virtually unnecessary. Though it is not marketed as a lip stain, it secretly moonlights as the “Best Non-Drying Lip Stain You Ever Did See” on the DL.

Lip stains are usually very drying and typically cling to the outer edges of your lips, wearing off in patches,  but this does neither! It simply tints my lips a pretty coral color that lasts all day long, whether I reapply or not. So if you’re iffy about lip stains too, fear not, this is one of the good guys.

What elements of festival style do you like to incorporate into your every day look? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @MissVranHalen! 

GIVEAWAY PRIZES + INFO listed in the above video! Check it out and enter to win!

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