California’s Waiting

I’ve been so homesick for LA lately! It’s freezing in New York and as much as I love it here, my friends, the SUNSHINE, and my favorite donuts are all on the other side of the country and it’s weighing on my soul (dramatic sigh lol)

Luckily, my best friend is having an engagement party in a few weeks which means California is in my future, if only for a few days. Because of this, I’ve spent a lot of my free time **cough, lying wide awake in bed at night** fantasizing about my trip and of course, what I will wear. No heavy coat! No wool mittens! OPEN-TOED SHOES?!?!?! Be still my heart.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.12.32 PM

This outfit is something I would wear to brunch (check out my favorite spot on 3rd) or strolling around The Grove. It’s lightweight and simple but the unique, mixed metal accessories give this a 70s-Cali-girl vibe. Love, love.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.12.21 PM

This look is something I would wear to grab drinks with friends in West Hollywood. A few of my favorite places are The Den on Sunset and The Hudson on Santa Monica. This outfit would be perfect for either venue because it’s dressy but not too girly. The bad-ass fringe booties give this simple silhouette a bit of attitude and the cool watch and midi-rings add a touch of sophisticated, minimalistic glamour. The delicate, layered necklaces soften the look while keeping it understated and the bronzer is, of course, a must when visiting the West Coast from the North Pole New York.

I had to pair the fringe boots with a cropped fur vest–because all I want in life is to be Lana Del Rey (kidding, not kidding)–and viola: the perfect outfit for what will no doubt become yet another one of those memorable “Hollywood Nights!

Now all I need is to fast forward the next few weeks so I can finally be reunited with my DONUTS besties!

For more outfit inspiration, follow me on Polyvore!

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