Empties ~ Budget-Friendly Winter Edition

This may have been my first Empties video –it’s a popular tag video on YouTube for the uninitiated–but most of these products are tried and true favorites that I end up purchasing (and re-purchasing) constantly because they’re affordable, effective, and easy to find. In this video, I featured a number of products–most of which are staples of mine–but a few among them are absolute all-stars.

1. Suave Body Wash

I tend to skimp on certain products now and then so I can splurge on the items that I really like, like a high quality moisturizer or a fancy foundation. Luckily, this body wash is not only cheap, it’s also good quality, so it doesn’t really feel like skimping. It never dries out my skin or leaves me with that tight feeling that similarly priced soaps often do. Instead, it smells amazing, lathers beautifully, and doubles as a shave gel.

I promise, it’s the best 2 bucks you’ll spend at the drugstore guaranteed.

2. Neutrogena Body Oil

This is my desert island necessity. If I could only ever use one product for the rest of my life it would be this one, hands down, no questions asked.**drops everything to polish Neutrogena Body Oil shrine**

I usually use it as a moisturizer. After every shower, I step out on a towel before drying off and apply this body oil from…well, neck to toe (I don’t put it on my face.) Then I pat dry with a towel.

Like I said in the video, sometimes I add moisturizer on top, sometimes I don’t, but either way, this step is CRUCIAL. Something about the sesame oil formula helps the moisturizer absorb completely, without making my skin oily or leaving a residue (NOTE: this is only true when applied to damp skin. If you put it on dry skin, you will be very oily.) I explain more in this video.

PS. In a pinch, I have even used this product to remove makeup! Makeup removing oils are really popular now but women have been removing their makeup with oils like–like olive oil–for ages. Oil helps naturally break down makeup, even hard to remove mascara, easily without the wrinkle-inducing annoyance of having to rub off stubborn eye makeup. Simply apply a bit of this oil to your dry face (with dry hands) and gently massage over the eye area. Wipe off with a warm, damp washcloth and wash face as usual. All of your makeup will be off and your face will feel fresh and clean.

3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

This mascara is a classic for a reason: It works. I have used so many mascaras over the years and while there are many wonderful products out there, this is forever my favorite. It’s inexpensive–usually less than 6 dollars in most drugstores–and the quality is unbeatable. It never flakes under my eyes, it holds curl extremely well, and since my eyelashes are already quite dark, it’s one of the few products that is pigmented enough to really make them pop. I use the Black Noir or the Blackest Black formula and it is always insta-va-va-voom. Like I mentioned in the video, my favorite way to use this mascara is to layer it with L’Oreal’s Telescopic Mascara. Great Lash gives volume, thickness, and eye-catching drama with it’s super dark black formula and gigantic brush, but Telescopic adds incredible length and separates each lash, thanks to its extremely tiny brush. The two of these together are really good for women who have short, stubby lashes. My lashes are dark but they can still be almost invisible without a little help from this mascara. I need something that will accenutate what I already have, and this works every time.

TIP: Apply, let dry, THEN curl your lashes. I know it’s scary–sometimes your lashes will stick–so be careful to wiggle the eyelash curler off slowly. I’m telling you, it makes your lashes stand up at (practically) a right angle, making your eyes look bright, open, and awake (even if you were totally up all night watching YouTube videos #beenthere.)

What are some of your most beloved beauty products? Let me know in the comments or snap a pic when you’re getting ready today and tag me on Instagram! I’d love to check it out!


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