Empties ~ Budget-Friendly Winter Edition

This may have been my first Empties video –it’s a popular tag video on YouTube for the uninitiated–but most of these products are tried and true favorites that I end up purchasing (and re-purchasing) constantly because they’re affordable, effective, and easy to find. In this video, I featured a number of products–most of which are staples of mine–but a few among them are absolute all-stars. Continue reading

How New Yorkers (have to) Do Ikea

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.35.02 PM
via Instagram @ikeausa

In most places, a trip to Ikea involves very little effort.

– Get in car

– Drive to Ikea

– Walk around

– Convince yourself that you are really good at putting furniture together

– Release nagging memories of the time(s) you were really bad at putting furniture together

– Contemplate getting a cinnamon roll (because they smell so good!)

– Wonder if they sell something that makes your house smell like cinnamon rolls

– Google “are cinnamon rolls Swedish?” on smartphone

– Complain that there’s never any service in here

– Disregard the fact that knowing this never stops you from trying to get service in here

– Buy stuff

– Drive home

So easy.


This is NOT how New Yorkers Ikea.

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Feel Your Feelings

photo 2
Excuse me, I have to go  listen to Mazzy Star on repeat and pretend you don’t exist #somanyfeelings

We live in a very digital world. Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Pinterest, we no longer just have to keep up with the Joneses, we’re keeping up with everyone.

Most of the time, this is fantastic. Social media is an amazing tool–and 95 percent of the time, I am #teaminternet all the way–but there are days when it can leave feeling downright empty.

It really does seem like everyone is happy all the time. More than happy, it seems like they’ve got it together. They have a ton of fun with their amazing group of friends. They never feel lonely, or sleep in ugly pajamas, binge eat, or run low on money. Their happiness, togetherness, and adorable, stain free, pajamas are all over our various social media accounts and it can make you feel a complicated of blend of inadequacy, hopelessness, and guilt, especially if your current situation is not exactly picture perfect.

To make matters worse, the internet is chock full of ways to overcome these feelings. “10 Ways to be Happier NOW” or “How to Snap Out of a Bad Mood,” but do we really have to snap out of it? Is it normal to be happy all of the time? Continue reading

To Nail Art or Not to Nail Art, is That Even a Question?


I used to hate nail art.

Actually, hate is a strong word. I used to be nail art indifferent.

I knew it existed–sometimes I thought it was cute, sometimes I thought it was tacky–but that was as far as it went. I hardly had time to paint my nails, let alone fuss over a design. 


Nail art not only seemed tedious and time consuming, but it required a certain amount of skill that I simply did not have. I have a hard time painting my nails without getting polish everywhere, so intricate snowflakes– or fireworks or whatever it is that people paint on their nails– were completely out of the question.

But all of that changed when I found this Revlon polish. It’s called Copper Penny, but it looks more like a gold foil (like the kind they put on fancy chocolate.) I saw it next to a pretty, coral pink polish and was overcome with an acute and powerful NEED for nail art. “Must. nail. art. now. nail. art. please. art. my. nails!!!!” (Looking back, I wonder if maybe maybe the fumes from the polish may have influenced this thought process…)

instagramableNevertheless, I attempted an easy, two-toned design on my nails later that night and just like that, I was hooked. It occurred to me then that there are two types of people in this world, those who nail art and those who do not nail art. For now, it seems, I am the latter.

Although I used to be concerned that I did not have time for frivolous activities like painting shapes on my nails, I now see holes in my schedule perfectly suited for creating a new, exciting designs (Like 2 am on a Sunday night! Perfect time to paint my nails, right?! #sarcasm) In the last two weeks, I’ve painted and re-painted my nails 3 times, and though I am not proud of that number, I am VERY proud of these designs. Continue reading

Rory Gilmore Inspired Makeup Tutorial + DIY Lip Gloss Trick (video)

My version of Rory’s signature makeup look.

I have been following where they lead ever since the 8th grade when I first fell in love with those “Adorable Gilmore Girls.” I remember watching the show on the WB on my little white TV in my room (it had a built in VCR so in case referencing the WB didn’t make me feel old, remembering that 14″ TV set did**drops everything to apply anti-wrinkle cream**) A lot has changed since I first started watching the show but thanks to the magic of reruns, the Gilmore Girls have remained a constant source of comfort, inspiration, and LOL moments throughout the years.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 11.24.37 PM
Without lashes, for an everyday “no makeup” makeup look.

While I have always felt ever-so-slightly more like Loreli than Rory, I am always amazed at how effortlessly cool and pretty Alexis Bledel looks as Rory. Her make up is almost invisible leading us all to believe that the brilliant small town beauty is far more interested in discussing an Orwell novel or finding her next nacho fix than worrying about her lip gloss. Not only is she witty, sincere, driven, and cool but she has the whole “no-make-up” makeup look down to a science, thus making her the perfect muse for today’s makeup tutorial.

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