My “Gotta Have It” Shopping Criteria

This picture was taken in the fitting room at Brandy Melville. I loved these high waisted denim shorts  and oddly enough, they got me thinking about my finances.tumblr_inline_n1wmgoiDzQ1s2tgxc

These itty bitty shorts were fun to try on because they have a sort of ‘Spanx” affect but they were so tight and short that I could barely sit down in them and the store was sold out in a bigger size. Still, I contemplated buying them – wrong size and all – for a looong time. I came very close but decided to be a “smart shopper” and not buy something that didn’t make my “Gotta Have It List”. I’ve found that only buying clothes that meet all of the criteria on this list has helped me save a lot of money and build a wardrobe that I really like with items I actually WEAR! Continue reading