My Food Philosophy



We’ve all heard people say that our bodies are “machines” and that food is “fuel”….but that is a really boring way of looking at the awesomeness that is the human body and the extreme pleasure there is to be had in eating delicious food. If food was really just fuel then we wouldn’t gather around the table to share it, or have memories associated with certain meals, or travel to new places to experience new food. Food is more than fuel, it’s also fun. That being said I do strongly believe in eating good, whole, clean foods. Not only are these kinds of foods delicious but they’re also good for you and that, in my opinion, is a win win. People tend to feel limited when they have to eat healthy because they’re thinking of food as fuel in the boring way. I on the other hand, find it incredibly fun to come up with new ways to enjoy clean, natural foods. For example salad can be dull, but this Asian Slaw has crunchy, peppery red cabbage, sweet, crisp Fuji apples, salty, nutty peanuts, tart lime and refreshing ginger. All of the ingredients serve a specific nutritional function, aside from being tasty. For example, apples have fiber, vitamins, and pectin. Carrots have beta-carotin and even just that little but of lime at the end adds vitamin C. It’s important to educate yourself on the nutritional value of the foods you’re eating. That way you can custom build dishes that fulfill your daily requirement of nutrients. And that becomes kind of fun too! It’s like putting together a puzzle. For example, the breakfast I made today: Oatmeal with strawberries, bananas, almonds and cinnamon.tumblr_inline_n0g3x28Ojq1snjlk,n2tgxc

I needed complex carbs to give me energy so boom: oatmeal (you can also use quinoa, farro or buckwheat). Then I wanted to sweeten it up a little: Hello, banana! Sweetness and the added benefits of potassium and magnesium. Then I wanted some vitamin C for my skin and to boost my immune system so I added some strawberries. Lastly, I knew I needed some healthy fats and protein to help stabilize my blood sugar and keep me full so I topped the whole thing with sliced almonds. And just like that, I have a DELICIOUS breakfast that has fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. High five. I used the same thought process when developing this salad. The one thing I would do differently is grate the cabbage and carrots because it makes a nicer consistency. Other than that, I love this salad and I love the complex flavors and major crunch! When you’re trying eat healthy, dynamic flavor and interesting textures go a long way in helping you feel satisfied.

Eating well is part of self love. Respect and love your body by giving it the nutrients it craves. For this salad recipe, some healthy breakfast ideas, and a recipe for my favorite kale smoothie, head to my youtube channel MissVranHalen 🙂 Let me know if you try any of my recipes or if you have any video/blog requests! I love hearing from you guys!

Watch to learn how to m make my new favorite salad!

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