A Change Would Do You Good (video)

Change can be scary but I think it’s important to try new things and be adventurous. Sometimes becoming the person you want to be involves stepping outside of your comfort zone.


Trust me, sometimes it feels like you’re merely baby stepping out of your comfort zone but those little steps add up. I promise. I think being in new, unfamiliar moments can show you how capable you actually are. You realize that you CAN because you DID and that is a really powerful feeling. It will probably even make you want to try MORE new things and eventually, after taking several of these little baby steps toward change, you’ll start to see that you’ve really learned a lot and hopefully, had a little fun in the process.

A new hair cut or trying to highlight your own hair means very little in the long run but if it’s something that scares you, maybe it’s the perfect little baby step to start with. Just try. You can always dye it back, get extensions, or wait for it to grow – it’s just hair- but you might find that a new style makes you feel refreshed…and that might make you feel a little more confident….and that might make you want to wear something a little cuter to work or school…and that might make you feel even more confident…and that confidence could lead to feeling comfortable talking to someone new….and that could lead to A LOT of things 🙂 I dare you to just try. Do something small that scares you and LET YOURSELF BE SCARED if you need to but don’t let it stop you. Be brave and move forward even if you’re scared. You can’t grow and become your most awesome if you don’t try new things and push yourself. Start small, reflect on what you’re feeling and learning along the way and keep moving forward. I promise awesome things await you if you do!

Watch to see how I ombre my hair at home!

What are you going to be brave and try? Let me know either here in the comments or on Instagram. I’ll leave links where you can find me below. Thanks for watching and reading and REMEMBER: you are awesome and capable. I believe in you. Now go be awesome ❤

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