Autumn in Los Angeles

Rings H&M / Sweater H&M/ The watch was $10 from a costume jewelry store. Forever21 has similar styles / Nails OPI ‘Midnight in Moscow’

There is nothing better than the beginning of Fall. The air becomes crisp and fresh, the sky is a bit more whimsical and grey, and the world seems to be buzzing with new beginnings. The leaves change, cozy oversized sweaters get pulled out from the back of the closet and the prospect of good food, family gatherings and the holidays seem just around the corner.

I am the most inspired and productive during the Fall. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that school always started in late August and will forever be synonymous with the new and exciting.

To ring in my favorite season, I try to resist the urge to paint my nails those sophisticated, deep hues that I love so much during the summer and stay bright and coral-y until the very last moment. Then, at the first sight of Fall, I break out my tried-and-true Autumn favorite, OPIs Midnight In Moscow and celebrate the fact that Fall is officially here! Now, I realize that this seems a bit…odd…but it’s my (strange) way of welcoming the new season. It’s a color that feels cozy, festive and dramatic and for whatever reason, it instantly lifts my mood and gets me into the Fall spirit.

Want to ring in the season with me? Pair Midnight In Moscow with a comfy sweater, chunky jewelry and cute ankle booties then take a stroll through your favorite part of town with a warm drink in hand. Listen to Billie Holiday’s Autumn in New York and take in the fresh air and beautiful changing leaves. Be sure to use this time to reflect over the year so far and muse over the months ahead. I promise you’ll feel relaxed, excited and ready to take on the rest of this year.

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